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Inspired by the eternal race of the planets around the sun, System is a cyclical and gravitational dance. Accompanied by NASA Voyager Recordings • Symphonies of the Planets, it offers a contemplative moment out of time, a magnetic and jubilant round.

Artistic intention

System is seen as a work of transpositions. The first is the transposition of cosmic space to scenic space, the second, of infinite time to the tight time of the stage. I wish to be able to give an interpretation of the celestial immensities that surround us, and propose to the spectator to plunge into the contemplation of a system that reacts to its own laws, where energy is deployed and transformed unceasingly.

Within a repetitive cycle, bodies emerges and gradually reveals themselves. Like an infinite game between the four performers, this circular movement becomes energizing and jubilant, with encounters and separations, unity and shifts. Echoing Lucinda Childs' Radial Courses, System sees itself as a fragment of space-time, a structure in which bodies plunge and respond, in which weight and lightness complement each other to bring out an intimate proposal.

The race of the stars then becomes dance of men, who find themselves accomplices and constitute their own community around a common gesture. Carried away by the sound recordings of the universe published by NASA in 1992, both nebulous, harmonious and enigmatic, these bodies escape into the dimension of emptiness and stellar resonances.

But to the question of the establishment of a system follows the question of its own end; after the exposure of a repetitive module and the installation of a matrice arises the inverse phenomenon of its disintegration. These bodies that have organized and established themselves in a system will then detach themselves from it, causing a reversal of situations and time, a collapse, allowing an opening on new perspectives.

Antoine Arbeit

Around the show

Système © Ex novo 2020

Interview with Wilson le Personic for online newspaper Ma Culture (june 2021)


Interview for Café Plateaux (septembre 2020)

Système © Ex novo 2020

Creation 2021 • Currently on tour


• 35 minutes


• Outdoor

• Unconventional places

• Stage

Choreography • Antoine Arbeit

Dance • Lucie Gemon, Gaspard Charon, Pierre Lison, Elie Tremblay.

Light (stage version) • Florian Laze

Music • NASA Voyager Recordings, Symphonies of the Planets.

Ask the artistic file and the full video of the show

Système © Ex novo 2020


Work steps

03.07.20 | fest. Artdanthé | Théâtre de Vanves, FR

07.18.20 | fest. Art Danse | le Dancing CDCN | Dijon, FR

09.24.20 | La Briqueterie CDCN | Paris, FR


06.25&26.21 | fest. Jours de Danse | Besançon, FR

07.03.21 | fest. Artdanthé + Danse dense | Vanves, FR

09.18.21 | fest. de Royaumont | Paris, FR

10.28.21 | La Grande Scène (PSO) | Nancy, FR

11.19.21 | l'Atheneum | Dijon, FR

09.21&22.22 | CCN de Tours, FR

11.08.22 | Théâtre de Morteau, FR

03.09.23 | TU-Nantes, FR

03.25.23 | fest. Art Danse | le Dancing CDCN | Dijon, FR

06.04.23 | Journées de la danse contemporaine | Monségur, FR

06.14.23 | fest. Et 20 l'été | Paris, FR

09.20.24 | Ville de Mérignac, FR


Danse Dense - Pôle d'accompagnement pour l'émergence chorégraphique


Le Dancing - CDCN de Bourgogne Franche-Comté

La Briqueterie - CDCN du Val-de-Marne

Le Théâtre de Vanves - Scène conventionnée d'intérêt national Art et Création

Institutional supports

DRAC Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Département de la Côte d'Or



Work places

La Briqueterie - CDCN du Val-de-Marne

Viadanse - CCN de Bourgogne Franche-Comté à Belfort

Théâtre de Vanves - Scène conventionnée

La Friche Artistique de Besançon / Cie NA

L'Abbaye de Corbigny / Cie Les alentours Rêveurs


Royaumont Foundation

Le CNDC d'Angers

This creation has won the Young Talents Côte d'Or - Contemporary Creation price.

Système © Ex novo 2020

© Yves Petit

© Stéphane Bahic

Contemporary dance


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